Sign Up for Qalaxia Q&A Bot Challenge

What students will learn:

  • The principles of building a Q&A bot
  • Fundamentals of AI and machine learning
  • Concepts of natural language processing, intent detection, topic labeling, and recommendation systems
  • How to launch an EC2 instance, deploy and use the tools on Amazon Web Services for training and build models for Q&A bots

What will happen to Q&A bots after being trained?

  • All Q&A bots get their own persona and will be deployed on They will answer relevant questions posted by the community

Is there a prize?

  • The team with best performing Q&A bot will win $1000.00
  • Winning Q&A bot will be evaluated by the community on the quality of answers provided to a secret test set maintained by the Qalaxia team
  • The Q&A bot with the most number of upvotes to the answers will be judged the winner

Qalaxia’s Q&A bot challenge will run from July 1, 2018 – July 31, 2018. Please sign-up below if you would like to participate